This 'Last Chance" Category is NOT my 'discounted clearance' category (even though some have been).  If you are looking for a 'clearance' section on my website, (and since I personally do not like having to go through 300 pages of clearance items), you won't find one.  I have decided NOT to have a clearance category.... the clearance items are in the categories they belong to, so almost every category you go into has the clearance items that relate to that category.  However, if you do want all the clearance/discounted items all at once,  just type in the word, "Clearance" in the search engine and all those items will appear.  I will try my best to keep this under 300 pages (lol). 

This category of products consists of items that have been discontinued by the companies we are familiar with.  All these products have either been discontinued by the company, closed down, sold, or the company no longer supplies our Canadian or American wholesalers with product. 

So once these products are gone and as time goes by, they will be harder and harder to find. 


PS.  Paper lines get discontinued/dropped all the time as new ones are made, so I will make a subcategory for those wanting to take the time to browse them.