My Sweet Petunia Precision Glue Press

My Sweet Petunia

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The Glue Press provides effortless, consistent and precise adhesive application for extended paper crafting. Your Precision Glue Press features a comfort molded handle and trigger, a convenient stand, a choice of regular or Nuvo Deluxe Precision Nozzles, and even a full bottle of 60ml/2 fl. oz Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive. Additionally, an empty bottle is provided should you wish to fill with your own , alternative adhesive. Not to be used with solvent adhesives.

Clear the tip before capping.

  1. Make sure that the bottle is pushed all the way in the press.
  2. Make sure to place the press in the holder all the way and that the nozzle is screwed onto the bottle properly.
  3. Check to make sure the tip of the applicator is touching the silicone circle when it's resting in the stand.
  4. Always place the press into the stand immediately after use - do not leave the press on your desk - the stand is what "caps" your glue.
  5. When you pick it up to use, there may be a glue plug that has formed at the tip - this is normal and part of what keeps the tip sealed. Pull it off by pinching the tip with your fingertips or nail.
  6. Make sure that you have the best tip for the type of glue you use. Thicker glue uses the grey tip. Thinner uses the white or clear tip.
  7. This press was designed for the Nuvo glue the tool comes with - if you are using other glues, please note that you may have to adjust for that, especially with glues with a higher water content - you may need to cap those after each use.
  8. You may have to squeeze the handle a tiny bit more to get it flowing after sitting too long.
  9. Drier climates may impact you depending on the glue you use, so adjust as you need to.
  10. If you are still having issues. Open the bottle and see if there is an obstruction in the nozzle such as coagulated glue.
  11. Make sure the barrel of the applicator is clear before capping.


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